Public appeal to guide a possible IR in Osaka

osaka public appeal ir

Credits: Culture Trip.

A Japanese Association issued a public appeal to help develop an IR at Yumeshima in Osaka.

Japan.- The Kansai Association of Corporate Executives issued a public appeal earlier this week regarding the concepts that could drive the development of an integrated resort to be built in Yumeshima, in Osaka. They believe that technology will be used to protect the public’s well being, as AGBrief reported.

“Well-being refers not only to individual mental and physical health, but also encompasses social aspects such as economic stability’s contributions to physical, spiritual, and social benefits,” said the bill. The association wants the central government to consider well-being as one of the main points of a Japanese-style IR. Moreover the executives proposed that the Yumeshima IR would feature use of cutting-edge technology to be a pioneer for new local industries.

Earlier this week, brokerage Nomura said the industry will generate gross gaming revenue (GGR) of US$7 billion per year if it includes two major integrated resorts. The report projects the billionaire revenue in case two major IRs are developed in Yokohama and Osaka: “Both of these cities are ideal locations for integrated resort development considering their: significant local population (about 9 million); sizeable inbound tourist flow (10 million to 18 million yearly); and strong infrastructure support,” said the brokerage.