Poker agency vs. Poker white label: Which is right for you?

Poker agency vs. Poker white label: Which is right for you?

BetKings is a master poker agency. Through this editorial content, they shared their thoughts about working with a poker agency or with a poker white label.

Press release.- While a white label poker solution might seem like the most logical step, most white label endeavours turn sour in less than six months. So what is the more reliable and profitable alternative? A poker agency, can take away much of the hustle and bustle and enable a much more profitable start into a poker career. 

This is why you’ve probably already heard about BetKings agency since it is presenting a cost-effective alternative to poker white label solutions. Essentially, a poker agency is perfect for someone (maybe you) who wants to start a gambling operation without a white label solution’s risks and financial burden.

Here are the good and bad sides of poker white label deals compared to entering a poker agency partnership. After reading, your decision will be a no-brainer. 

Poker white label solution 

Although white label solutions are presented as ready-for-service, launching a white label poker room will take months of system integrations, licensing, and intensive marketing. It is not as straightforward as it seems. In addition, you have to deal with payment solutions, support, and settlements. 

No wonder that, on average, a poker white label has a lifespan of merely four to six months. Despite having the software and the overall package at hand, the nitty-gritty of a white label still needs a team of programmers, marketers, and gaming managers to launch a poker room.

The white label operating costs are much higher than the monthly profits during the first year, which is a major downturn. 

On the other hand, once you are set up and running, your brand is your playing field: your risks, your investments, but also your rules and profits.

Poker agency to cover your back 

On the other hand, a poker agency is a full-service solution that allows you to launch a poker room cost-effectively, and with the full support of an experienced team, so you don’t need to have a large team of your own.

Therefore, being able to operate with a slim team, you can optimize your running costs. Less operating costs also mean higher profits, so you can better allocate your resources and focus more on revenue. 

You could even run a poker room even as a one-person show, as the agency’s team will support your daily operations. 

In essence, a poker agency covers your back: it is in mutual interest that you run a profitable business, and they will support you all the way up to success.

In a nutshell: lower costs, fewer risks, and professional support at your service. 

On the negative side, by choosing the poker agency route, you will need to embrace the established brand guidelines and accept limits to customization. 

Partner with BetKings Agency 

BetKings is a master poker agency that understands clients’ needs and provides an outstanding service: verified liquidity and limits, safe network ecology, exclusive promotions, innovation, and a long-standing reputation.  

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As a master poker agency, they have the utmost solid and well-implemented platform to keep bankrolls safe and provide an impeccable customer experience.

Currently, the BetKings Agency is entering the LATAM markets to support the set up of new poker rooms in the region. Gents under their management earn 9K USD per month, and they are sure to see even higher numbers in Latin America as there are plenty of possibilities for new poker and products there. 

The verdict: Poker agency vs. White Label

Moving to your own poker business is a huge move that can be supported by a white label solution or a full-service agency. If simplicity is your thing and you don’t want to kick off with a financial burden, you should consider opting for a poker agency instead of a white label solution. 

To operate an online poker room or sportsbook without the headache and high up-front costs of a white label, contact for a free demo of an Agent Profile.