PNP to go after illegal gambling


Philippine National Police chief warned all police regional directors that he’ll relieve them if they don’t clear out gambling dens in 15 days.

Philippines.- Ronald de la Rosa, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, has issued an ultimatum to all police regional directors and gave them 15 days to terminate illegal gambling operations. The official said that, in case they failed to comply with his order, the PNP would relieve them in the fight against unauthorised gambling.

“If they cannot stop illegal gambling, then I will relieve them. I am also going to relieve their provincial directors and I am giving the provincial directors the authority to relieve the police chiefs who are not performing or are not acting on my directive,” the Manila Times quoted.

He also called for the legal small town lottery (STL) operators’ help and asked them to be “true to themselves” and point out who are addressing unlicensed gambling. He also said that it has turned into a “social problem” and lamented that STL operators have used the PNP as the “whipping boy,” the media outlet quoted.

However, he noted that “law enforcement is the number one consideration” and added: “If you want to stop illegal gambling, we’ll accept the fact that we are failures in case that happens. But right now, we will go all out against illegal gambling.”

“I am also appealing to the STL operators, do not go white or red when you are being caught,” he said and advanced that, once thay are caught, “STL operators, however, once we catch them and those involved they will say that it is legal.”

“So now, let’s be frank, we will go all out and we’ll see who will be the tough guy here. I will eradicate all of you initiating illegal gambling operations,” he warned.

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