Philippines sets terms for Lam’s return


Duterte issued an arrest order for economic sabotage and bribery against Lam in December.

Philippines President said that he would let Lam return if he faces criminal charges.

Philippines.- Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines president known for being against gambling, announced that Chinese gambling operator Jack Lam can return to the country if he pays taxes and faces the criminal charges that are against him.

Last month, Lam left the country and went to Hong Kong because he thought he was going to be arrested, and after a few days, Duterte issued an arrest order for economic sabotage and bribery against the casino mogul. According to a report from the Philippine Star, Justice Secretary of the Philippines Vitaliano Aguirre II said that lam needs to compensate the country for tax evasion in his illegal and unregistered online casino. Lam would also need to apply for a Pagcor license in order to run gambling operations again; furthermore, Lam would need to confess and promise not to intervene with the legal system and stop bribing officers to help them cover the illegal activity in his facilities.

“Before Christmas, feelers have been sent saying Jack Lam wants to return to the Philippines. There has been no progress after that,” said Aguirre, who also commented that the government would seize his properties in Fort Ilocandia and Fontana if he fails to comply with his responsibilities. Lam is the chairman of Jimei International Entertainment Group, one of the biggest global casino operator with renowned operations in the Asian continent, such in Philippine and Macau’s casinos.

According to local newspaper, Duterte commented that Lam’s company has been paying taxes online for bets set by Philippine residents, but not for foreign players that are active and authorised clients on the online casino website. Duterte closed the Fontana casino earlier December based on the fact that the facility lacked permits.