Oregon Lottery switches to DraftKings sports betting app

SBTech merged into DraftKings last year.
SBTech merged into DraftKings last year.

The Oregon Lottery has approved the transition from the SBTech Scoreboard app.

US.- The Oregon Lottery has approved switching its sports betting app from SBTech Scoreboard to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Unlike other states which allow several companies to offer up both in-person and mobile betting operations, Oregon sports betting has been a single-source operation with the state lottery using the Scoreboard app.

In 2020, SBTech merged into DraftKings as a result of the operator’s combination with SPAC Diamond Eagle. The plan since the merger was for the Scoreboard app to transition to the DraftKings platform.

Oregon Lottery executive director Barry Pack said: “There are a number of business benefits in terms of simplifying some of the structure and there are player benefits as the experience will be improved on the new platform.”

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