Online operators keep leaving Poland

Due to new regulations online operators have decided to finish their businesses in the European country.

Poland.- Online operator Betfair has announced that it will exit the Polish market, after a new regulatory scheme for operators that is set to decrease the online gambling industry.

The Polish Gambling Act will take effect in April 1, and there are more than 5 giants that said that they would be leaving the country: just a few days ago, EnergyBet said that its operations will come to a stop. The company said on a statement that bets placed before that date will be honoured, but the remaining accounts will be shut down and balances will be returned. Furthermore, it also said that all affiliate partners were commanded to remove advertising that was focused on the Polish market before the first day of April.

William Hill, bet365 and Mr Green also revealed that they’re not operating in Poland whilst the 12 percent tax on the profits goes directly to the government. The latter asked its partners to stop operations in the European country immediately.

The Association of Employers and Employees of Bookmakers released a statement supporting the Act: “Until now, (there have been) extremely unfavorable conditions for bookmakers who are honestly doing business. As a result, about 90 percent of the online market is one of the entities operating in Poland that do not respect national law and do not pay taxes. They represent unfair competition for companies operating legally who pay taxes and employ thousands.”