On-shore casinos discussed in Maharashtra

The Bombay high court called on the state government to take a decision on the issue.

A meeting was held in the Indian state, to discuss whether or not to allow on-shore casinos in Maharashtra.

India.- A meeting was held in Maharashtra, to discuss whether or not to allow on-shore casinos in the Indian state and to examine various aspects of the issue such as licensing, revenue generation and security.

No decision was made, but the Bombay high court had asked the state government to respond. Senior officials explained that the decision to allow on-shore casinos will be made after all the issues are addressed and the final decision will be taken by the chief minister.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has estimated that the state government would earn Rs 1,500 crore a year (US$ 22 million).

“If on-shore casinos are allowed as recreational facilities along the Konkan beaches, including Mumbai, and if 40 percent of foreign tourists and 25 percent of domestic tourists visit these places, the industry can get an annual turnover of roughly Rs 6,000 crore (US$ 89,662),” said a a Mantralaya official.