Oklahoma Gov. urges tribes to sign extension

The Governor of Oklahoma has called on tribes to sign an extension to continue gaming negotiations in the state.

US.- Kevin Stitt, governor of Oklahoma, urged tribal leaders to sign an extension to continue negotiations on the gaming compact. He wants the extension to assure that business will continue without problems as they resolve the dispute.

“To protect all the hard-working Oklahomans and the tribal members who are employed at more than 100 casinos across our great state, I am announcing today that the state of Oklahoma will be requesting tribal leaders to join me in signing an extension to the gaming compact,” Stitt said, according to Tulsa World. “The language in this extension will allow each side who signs the extension to retain their legal position.”

The issue revolves around the date that the gaming compacts expire. While the governor considers that January 1 is the date in which the gaming compacts are no longer viable, the tribes say that they automatically renew.

The governor wants the tribes to pay more fees to the state, while the tribes want to continue with the same percentage. “As of Jan. 1, Class III gaming will be illegal (without an extension of the compacts). This will create tremendous uncertainty,” Stitt said. “I also want to ensure the revenue the state receives under the gaming compact continues to be available to fund the state services we provide to all Oklahomans,” Stitt said.

“We don’t need an extension to operate after January 1,” said Matthew Morgan, chairman of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association.

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