Oddsgate continues its expansion plan without ruling out the possibility of an IPO

Now counting on a new CFO, the company does not rule out the possibility of debuting on the stock market in the coming years.
Now counting on a new CFO, the company does not rule out the possibility of debuting on the stock market in the coming years.

In search of maintaining exponential growth, the igaming company expands its geographic presence and its team.

Press release.- Oddsgate moves forward with determination in its ambitious expansion plan, which includes the adoption of a series of measures already underway, among which they revealed the acquisition of a new office, new hires and the project to establish itself in new international markets, as indicated the co-founder, Paulo Lopes.

Structuring the house to take new steps, the company that records excellent growth figures despite its young age pays great attention to recruitment – which has not been a problem, especially since it received the title of second-best Workplace in Portugal in 2024.

Taking advantage of the good moment, the company now announces an important reinforcement to the team, with the arrival of the new chief financial officer (CFO), Pedro de Matos, who has previously worked for companies such as Aristocrat, TCS John Huxley, Isoftbet e IGT Play Digital. On this occasion, he was responsible for growing the business in EMEA, leading a successful exit of the Lotteries business and improving company culture across the region for Aristocrat.

For TCS John Huxley, he led a successful turnaround of the business which led to future growth. For Isoftbet led the successful sale of the business to IGT Play Digital which was at the time of ICE 2022 the single biggest acquisition at the show.

Highlighting de Matos’ background in the online gaming and betting industry, the company hopes to count on him as a competitive advantage to continue this expansion.

Like the other members of Oddsgate, Pedro de Matos will be a valuable addition to the company, as he has extensive operational experience in the sector – a factor considered essential in building the corporate structure that the company intends, including the development of relationships with the financial markets and a project finance that will support the expansion plans planned for the next three years. Depending on the progress and execution, the board considers the possibility of carrying out an IPO within this period.

The current shareholder structure creates a favourable scenario for the rapid and solid implementation of all projects necessary to achieve the objectives, as 100 per cent of the capital is concentrated in the hands of the founders. This aspect is also responsible for all management stability, maintenance of brand values and the company’s characteristic focus. But they do not intend to contain the advance.

De Matos announced: “I am excited and honoured to be part of the Oddsgate team and to be able to help drive sustainable growth, supporting employees, shareholders and our partners. I hope to rise to the challenge, continuing the company’s values and beliefs, as we navigate our way to success.”

Always considering the interests of partners, the founders of Oddsgate recognize that the recent appointments are a way to boost the business and prioritize the demands of those who trust the company to promote their ventures.

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