NJ lawmakers against sports betting integrity fee

The legislators are not in favour of paying major sports leagues if the US Supreme Court lifts the sports betting ban.

US.- The US Supreme Court is expected to reveal its decision regarding the federal legalisation of sports betting soon, and New Jersey wants to be ready in case that happens in the upcoming months. A top lawmaker in the state said that New Jersey will not provide integrity fee payments to major sports leagues in any bill that seeks the regulation of sports betting.

Deputy Assembly Speaker John Burzichelli said: “That’s not going to happen. We’re supposed to sit down and write a check to the same people who have fought us every step of the way in our effort to provide sports betting? The same leagues that forced New Jersey to spend millions to overcome their opposition to sports betting are going to get millions from the New Jersey treasury when we beat them in court? I’m from New Jersey, and I have a problem with that.”

The sports leagues, which despite a recent announcement that revealed that they’re not in favour of sports betting, have opposed the idea for many years, causing the state to spend more than US$8 million in legal fees to fight the battle.

The latest bill, co-sponsored by fellow Democratic Assemblymen Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey, would impose an eight per cent tax on sports betting revenue from casinos or racetracks, and 12.5 per cent for bets made online.

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