Nigeria removes 18 lottery licenses

The African country has the intention to withdraw 18 licenses from lottery operators.

Nigeria.- Nigeria’s House of Representatives reported its intentions to remove licenses from 18 lottery operators after failures in taxes and fees that they should’ve paid to the government. An official said that only three operators in Nigeria report something to the government.

The Committee on Government Affairs, Chaired by Representative Suleiman Hussaini Kangiwa, said last week that the licenses would be removed if operators fail to meet their financial requirements to the government. The approved licenses, evidence of taxes paid to the commission in the last 17 years, as well as remittances to the lottery fund and valid addresses are also required by the Committee.

The Representative said during a meeting with the management of the Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission and some operators that he won’t tolerate this situation and that an arrest warrant against the operators would be issued. “We’re very much aware of the 21 licensed operators in Nigeria, but only two or three remitting something to the government. It’s very unfortunate. Nigerians and this committee are disappointed in you, because after getting licence and money, you don’t give the government anything,” he said.

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