New coalition in favor of sports betting in the US

Credits: @ASBCoalition / Twitter
Credits: @ASBCoalition / Twitter

The new coalition was born in hopes to repeal the current 1992 PASPA law that prohibits sports betting in the country.

US.- American Sports Betting Coalition was launched on Friday in order to try to get the Congress to repeal the PASPA law that only allows sports betting in four states of the country. The coalition is formed by casino industry officials.

Geoff Freeman, president and chief executive of the American Gaming Association, said that they’re partnering with local and state elected officials, law enforcement and other diverse interests to tell Washington “to get out of the way,” as reported. “Regulated sports betting is what fans want and sports integrity demands,” he added. The coalition includes representatives from the National District Attorneys Association, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Fraternal Order of Police, National Conference of State Legislatures and Major County Sheriffs Association.

According to Thoroughbred Daily News, Alex Waldrop, NTRA President and CEO, said: “It does appear that their goal is a repeal of PASPA, which would do nothing more than put it back to a state level, where they would decide, much like casino gambling. We have begun conversations with our members about their position on the repeal, which is not the same as legalisation of sports betting. It simply opens the door for states to make their own independent determination. Nor does it preclude any group of racetracks from being part of any authorising legislation at the state level.” The CEO believes that before making any decisions, all parties must consider every possibility.

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