Nevada reveals lower profits

Nevada, the gaming State has issued February’s results of the casino industry, showing a slight decline in the latest revenues.

US.- The Nevada Gaming Control Board published this week the monthly statement on casino revenue. The report shows that the industry fell 4.5 percent to US$946.6 million in February, compared to the same period of 2016. Different sectors of the gaming industry released major declines in their profits last month.

Whilst Craps tables reported the loss of 20.3 percent to US$35.6 million, Baccarat tables experienced a relevant drop of 9.3 percent to US$98.4 million in February. Both casino sectors suffered the major decline during last month’s activities.

Meanwhile, the slot industry fell 4.5 percent to US$581.7 million. Only blackjack and roulette operations reported growth, 12.3 percent to US$106.4 million and 59 percent US$38.6 million, respectively. The most visited casino centre of the State, Las Vegas Strip reported a decline of 5 percent to US$542 million in February.

On the other hand, the sports betting industry, the newest in Nevada, announced a loss of 26 percent to US$20.7 million, compared to February 2016. In total, the betting sector achieved US$380.7 million last month.

The poker sector has been showing signals of crisis in Las Vegas as poker tables were reduced in main casino floors. In February, the registered decline was 1.6 percent to US$8.8 million. According to Associated Press, in 2007 Nevada featured 907 tables and collected US$168 million, whilst a year ago there were 661 tables, almost 250 less, and US$118 million reported.