Nevada could bet inside new Raiders stadium


A loophole would allow people to place bets inside the new Raiders stadium, as mobile apps are not blocked.

US.- Las Vegas Raiders’ new stadium could allow people to place bets on their mobile devices thanks to a loophole in regulations. As ESPN reported, bets will be permitted unless the NFL (National Football League) makes local gaming officials change their minds.

Las Vegas Stadium Authority approved last week the conditional lease agreement for the football team, and the league owners are expected to vote on the measure to either ratify or deny the lease at this week’s meeting in Chicago. As ABC News revealed, the lease says that it’s prohibited “any Gaming or Gambling, the maintaining or operating of a Gaming Establishment and/or sports wagering or any wagering on racing or other non-sports events.”

Nevada gaming officials said that nothing in the lease explicitly says that access to sports betting apps are blocked. Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesperson, told the sports news outlet and channel that the Raiders are required to abide by League rules on the matter, even if he didn’t specify which rules he was talking about. “The NFL has not approached me for any policy decisions. The Nevada Gaming Commission is the policy maker for the state of Nevada and gaming, and they have not approached us in any shape, way or form,” said the Nevada Gaming Commissioner chairman Tony Alamo to ESPN.

Nevada is one of the few states where sports betting sector has been legalised. However, the regulation establishes that “any event, regardless of where it is held, involving a professional team whose home field, court, or base is in Nevada” can asked to be prohibited in bookmakers’ platforms. The team held a voting back in March to decide the relocation and debate the conditions to limit the gaming services related to Raiders’ matches in the State, better known for its large casino industry.

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