Netherlands: regulator to allow online bingo

KSA will turn a bling eye to online bingo games during the Covid-19 outbreak but is making sure players are protected.

Netherlands.- The KSA, the independent body that regulates games of chance in the Netherlands, has said it will be “lenient” with online bingo during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite operators of games of chance with a cash prize being required to hold a license, the KSA said it was “comfortable” with online bingo.

According to local press, as the country faces lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, bingo has become increasingly popular.

But the KSA said that while it was being lenient, it was keeping an “extra sharp eye” on commercial bingo and especially when it comes to protecting players.

“The KSA recognises that in these times of Coronavirus, there are initiatives to give people a fun pastime to help them in their isolation without having to leave home,” the regulator said in a statement.

“These games are often organised by people with a good heart. In view of the special circumstances, the KSA has decided to be temporarily lenient in these cases.”

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