Netherlands launches consultation on proposed online casino protection measures

The consultation is open for feedback until April 3.
The consultation is open for feedback until April 3.

The consultation includes a proposal for financial risk checks.

The Netherlands.- The Ministry of Justice and Security has opened a consultation on play limits for online gambling. The consultation seeks feedback on current protections under the online gambling legislation (KOA), which launched regulated online gambling in October 2021.

The minister for legal protection Franc Weerwind, is proposing a €150 loss limit on the accounts of players aged under 24 and compulsory monthly financial risk checks on players who spend more than €350. Meanwhile, operators will need to make “customer care reminders” every 30 minutes to warn players about their gambling.

However, the ChristenUnie (CU) party leader is calling for universal loss limit and says it will put forward an alternative to Weerwind’s proposals. It claims to have cross-party support. The Dutch parliament will also review Socialist Party MP Michiel van Nispen’s proposed financial penalties for online gambling breaches. This includes a recommendation for fines totalling 10 per cent of turnover for gambling operators who breach market rules.

The consultation is open for feedback until April 3.

Earlier this month, the Dutch gambling regulator, the KSA, clarified the rules relating to cashback bonuses. It says that it had updated the way the regulations are worded after finding that they had been breached by three licensees.

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