Mississippi reports casino results

October casino results were the highest since 2011.

Mississippi casinos revealed positive results from last October.

US.- The Mississippi Revenue Department issued the October results for the casino industry, which represented the best month since 2011. The gross gambling revenue in the state reported an increment of nearly 7 percent. Mississippi’s casinos obtained US$174 million in total during October.

However, the 16 Mississippi River casinos reported a drop of less than 1 percent in its revenues, falling to US$74 million. These casinos have been facing major decline since the last 52 months due to industry’s impasse. After the last results, the sector is confident on closing this crisis as the declines are shallower recently.

The 12 coastal casinos, nevertheless, have experienced its 24th consecutive month of increment in October. Players have bet US$99 million, representing a 13 percent more in comparison with the same month of last year. Furthermore, The 18 gaming machines located in the Northern area took in an overage of US$5,044.78 each.