Merkur Gaming was once again a major exhibitor at the Gaming Industry Exhibition in Kyiv

The company stated visitor quality exceeded quantity in Kyiv.
The company stated visitor quality exceeded quantity in Kyiv.

The second gaming show to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine, in just a six-month timespan, saw a noticeable decline in general visitor numbers but also a very welcome marked upsurge in top-level attendees representing the cream of operators at an executive level.

Press release.- MERKUR Gaming was once again a major exhibitor at this, the second Gaming Industry Expo to be held at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre. 

Expressing very clearly the company’s top-level brand status and its position as an international market leader MERKUR Gaming once again displayed an all-star collection of the products that it is successfully offering to the rapidly expanding Ukrainian gaming market.  

With new innovations in games, cabinets and solutions, a multigame collection presented entirely in Ukrainian language and much more besides the MERKUR booth was an instant attraction for those top-level visitors and the scene of many exciting and forward-looking negotiations.  

The Chief Executive, International, of MERKUR, Athanasios ‘Sakis’ Isaakidis, was highly enthusiastic as he reviewed those negotiations: “This second running of Gaming Industry Expo 2021 has undoubtedly been a success. 

“Not in terms of overall visitor numbers, certainly, but most definitely in terms of our positive outlook regarding future market developments – a process that is clearly continuing to gather speed – and the very satisfactory regard in which our brand has already been recognized and accepted here. 

“We are already committed to a series of installations on Ukraine’s gaming floors. I expect those installations to take place very soon now and I firmly believe that we will see an instant acceptance of our games by the people that matter most: the Ukrainian players.”  

He continued: “It is cold and wet outside but the welcome that we have received here at the show has been warm and very welcoming. 

MERKUR Gaming has already publicly pledged its full support for the re-establishment of fully legal gaming in Ukraine and our support has been welcomed fully right up to the highest levels of this country’s administration. 

“What I believe that we have demonstrated here, and will continue to demonstrate across the country, is the fulfilment of our guarantee of performance that we will continue to build on and expand. 

“This was perhaps not the best-attended show we have ever seen… but its results demonstrate that, in business terms, it has really been one of the best!” 

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