Memphis evaluates gaming law

As casino industry may develop in Memphis, local experts urge the government to draft a problem gaming bill.

US.- The University of Memphis’ Institute of Gambling Education and Research’s results on gaming industry has led residents’ demand of problem gaming bill before legislating the casino industry.

Dr. James Whelan and Dr. Andrew Meyers, psychology professors and co-directors of the Institute for Gambling Education and Research at the University of Memphis, published a document on The Commercial Appeal explaining the benefits of having a problem gambling law to prevent local residents to suffer the addiction.

“Gambling has brought entertainment and economic benefit.  But with these benefits we must recognise our responsibility to help those who experience a wide range of problems due to their gambling or the gambling of family members,” stated the experts. “Our governments and communities profit from government-sponsored gambling. We citizens and voters must support efforts that aid those who may experience personal, family and financial problems due to gambling.”

The assessment was published after Larry J Miller, D-Memphis, filed a bill that went before the Tennessee Government Committee back in March 2017. HJR0109 is seeking to amend and article of the Tennessee Constitution to allow gambling in the state and grant casino licenses in the city of Memphis. Currently, the Article XI, Section 5 doesn’t allow operators to offer gambling and games of chance associated with casinos. The article only gives permission to offer a state lottery, but games of chance such as slot machines, roulette and online gaming are not included.

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