Massachusetts group pushes for sports betting in keno parlors

The group is in favor of allowing keno parlors to offer sports betting. Credits:

The group says that the modality in keno parlors would benefit small business in the state.

US.- Fair Play Massachusetts, a group of advocates and business owners based in Chicopee, Massachusetts, has been gathering support to push for a proposal that would allow sports betting in keno parlors licensed by the lottery.

The group claims that allowing such thing would benefit both small business and the state. Fair Play spokesman Ryan McCollum said that “it is about being fair to the small businesses first and foremost so they can be a part of this, and fair to the average person who wants to be a part of sports betting.”

The state’s Governor Charlie Baker, already supports sports betting in the state, as he introduced a legislation in January that would legalise the modality at existing casinos and slots parlors. He believes that sports betting would grant the state a good opportunity to invest in local business and remain competitive with neighboring states with similar regulations.

Fair Play Massachusetts supporters said that the group is not against casinos having sports betting, but they don’t want them to monopolise sports betting, Boston Herald reported. “It gives people a way to enjoy the game in a safe and healthy way,” Chicopee restaurant owner Billy Stetson said of the proposal. “People are going to sports bars anyways to watch the game so why not give them a piece of the pie?”

“We are confident that if the Legislature, the Treasurer and the Governor really listen to our arguments that they will agree, and they are all capable enough to get together and flesh out the details on how our idea would fit in to whatever the final piece of legislation may be. Folks around here just want to be part of the conversation,” McCollum added.

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