Maryland casinos to lower blackjack payouts


The contribution made by the casinos goes directly to Maryland’s Education Trust Fund.

A new regulatory regime gives the state the oportunity to be more flexible to set their own rules.

US.- Maryland casinos are now allowed to lower its blackjack payouts: a new regulation sets that casinos can determine their own rules when it comes to payouts and wagers for roulette, poker, blackjack and other table games.

Casino executives and state authorities said that the new process gives them a margin to offer a bigger range of products. According to the Baltimore Sun, the reduced payoffs attract those gamblers who are not used to big bets. This is not the case with regular gamblers though, who ever since the new regime took place, they complained on different casino sites about the payouts.

Despite the recent measure, six casinos in the area announced that they will still offer the same payouts. Maryland live, Hollywood Casino Perryville and Rocky Gap said that they’re afraid that if they follow the rules they could lose customers. President of Gaming USA Corp. Alan Woinski, said: “I personally think fiddling with the rules the way Maryland did was wrong. Every state seems to change things and it creates problems. I truly believe it should be uniform.”