Macau investigates Cotai casinos

The government set a crackdown on Cotai. Credits:
The government set a crackdown on Cotai. Credits:

13 people were detained at Cotai casinos during an investigation for illegal money exchanges.

Macau.- Authorities of Macau reported last Wednesday that 13 people were detained during an investigation regarding illegal money exchanges in Cotai casinos. Macau’s Judiciary Police confirmed that the detentions followed this year’s planned crackdown on illegal operations in those casinos.

An effective crackdown on gaming-related crimes during the beginning of 2018 has only been the starting point for Macanese authorities. According to Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak, the police forces will specifically target illicit money exchange inside and around casinos during the rest of the year.

Detained citizens were from mainland China and “were taken in for further investigation work,” as reported by the Chinese-language service of public broadcaster Radio Macau. So far, Macau’s Judiciary Police had reported over 12 sting operations against illicit money exchange activities in and around casinos.

Over 280 people had been questioned in and around the city’s Cotai casinos early in May and about 226 people had been identified as allegedly involved in illicit money exchange services. According to Mr Wong, the police will increase the monitoring of money exchange and will strengthen communication with Macau’s gaming companies and hotels.

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