Macau government to limit casino shuttle buses

Macau to limit shuttle buses.

Credits: GGR Asia.

Th amount of casino shuttle buses might be limited in Macau as the Transport Bureau is analising the possibility of setting a cap number.

Macau.- Kelvin Lam Hin Sang, Macau’s Transport Bureau director, has advanced that the government is considering limiting the number of casino shuttle buses that operate in the city. “The Transport Bureau will study the viability, coordinating with the licensing bureau,” said Lam as reported by Macau Business.

Last February, 454 buses were operating in the city with a total provision of 62 routes. According to the official, they were down by 13 buses and three routes from 2016. The number of casino buses also dropped after a number of gaming operators launched joint shuttle bus services.

In relation with the authorities’ plans to decrease the amount of said casino shuttle buses and the capability of the government to control their routes, Lam explained that there is no law at the moment to punish gaming operators for changing their bus routes since they are a private service.

“The Bureau will continuously communicate with gaming corporations and pay close attention to their execution of decreasing the number of casino shuttle buses,” he added and said that the Transport Bureau will urge operators to adopt more joint shuttle services.