Las Vegas shares November results

Current fiscal year has achieved a general growth of 3.6 percent statewide.

US.- Las Vegas casinos released November’s gaming revenues, reporting a 3.5 percent fall in comparison with the same period of 2015. However, the total casino activity in Nevada has grown 3.6 percent from US$4.6 billion to US$4.7 since the beginning of the current fiscal year in July.

According to the latest financial statement by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Strip casinos perceived a total win of nearly US$517 million during November. Furthermore, Nevada reported a drop of 1.5 percent on its entire casino revenues to over US$930 million; Clark County, host of Las Vegas, noted a 2 percent decline to US$811 million.

“The state was facing a difficult comparison,” responded Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst for the Nevada Gaming Control Board to Las Vegas Sun. The expert explained that Nevada casino revenues were up 7.8 percent in November, 2015, and the state only reported two relevant declines last year.