Las Vegas casinos to remain with restrictions until staff receive vaccine

Nevada will maintain restrictions for Las Vegas casinos
Nevada will maintain restrictions for Las Vegas casinos

Nevada has decided to maintain capacity restrictions at all Las Vegas casinos until the majority of staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

US.- Las Vegas casinos will continue to operate with restrictions until most of their staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19, despite some recent loosening of capacity restrictions.

According to CDC Gaming Reports, both the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) and the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) have decided to keep the current 50 per cent capacity rule until they feel enough employees have been vaccinated.

In a joint statement, NGCB Chairman Brin Gibson and NGC Chairman John Moran, Jr. said: “Viral surges are a continuing threat to the economic health of the gaming industry and greater state, as they threaten the hard-fought efforts undertaken over the last year to safely reopen.”

From May 1, local governments in Nevada will be given responsibility to decide how to proceed with restrictions but the NGCB will retain control over gaming venues in the state, including control over occupancy limits and other Covid-19 measures.

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