Konstantin Makarov assesses Sochi market

The president of Bingo Boom will make a presentation about Sochi gambling zone.

Russia.- During the Russian Gaming Week Sochi in October 27th, president of the Bingo Boom betting company Konstantin Makarov will make a presentation about the past, present and future of Sochi gambling zone. The event will be devoted to key issues of the gambling industry.

Konstantin Makarov is an expert in the field due to his work in the gambling industry for ten years. During his speech “Expectations of bookmakers from the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone”, the respected representative of gambling industry in Russia would tell about the challenges and prospects of the projects in Gorki Gorod gaming zone after establishment of its territory.

Makarov will focus on the history of emerging of gambling zones in Russia, establishment of gambling legal regulation, competition between Sochi and other gambling zones: Azov City and Golden Sands, Russian gambling zones operation, among many other issues.

The RGW Sochi will answer the question of how the Russian gambling would change after the launching of venues in Gorki Gorod, as it is a matter of interest to many people.