Konami presents new Concerto lineup

The popular Concerto multi-game cabinets by Konami add the SeleXion lineup.

Konami closes its successful 2016 performance by launching the Concerto SeleXion.

US.- Konami Gaming is launching this week the Concerto SeleXion multi-game to expand the success of the video gaming cabinets. The disclosure of the SeleXion cutting-edge gaming machine is the first introduction of further Konami’s Concerto lineup. The new machine features the classic characteristics of top-performing multi-games as well as an extended portfolio of over 10 different game themes.

Concerto SeleXion is sleekly designed with the signature holographic lighting, high-definition monitors, and powerful KP3+ platform. Furthermore, the multi-game carries expanded memory and processing power for the industry’s fastest game change speed. Its DynamicDash button panel combines a digital display with push buttons to allow instant modification for different denominations, line counts, languages, and currencies as needed.

Concerto SeleXion has the flexibility to showcase leading new KP3+ platform game themes or proven KP3 titles such as China Shores, Dragon’s Law, and Lotus Land, in addition to a standalone progressive bonus. Available themes are displayed to guests through a menu attract animation that cycles through the different titles.