“It’s important we build on the traction we gained at ICE”

(Exclusive interview).- Co-CEO of Kiron Interactive Steven Spartinos shared details of the company’s best-ever ICE.

During its ICE Totally Gaming performance, Kiron Interactive has set the future plan to broaden its product offering across all platforms. The company took advantage of the most visited event of the industry in ExCel, London, in order to present its ultimate technology and plans for the gaming industry.  Focus Gaming News talked to Steven Spartinos, co-CEO of Kiron Interactive, about further targets and the public’s feedback.

After the proven success of technology innovation at ICE, how is Kiron Interactive preparing its targets for 2017?

Kiron Interactive enjoyed it’s best-ever ICE last month and it’s important we build on the traction we gained. We have significant plans for 2017 and are looking to broaden our product offering across all platforms with a special focus on further growth of our Omni-channel solutions and deployment into new territories. A large number of these territories hold untapped potential when it comes to exploring the crossover between virtual offerings and real sports, as well as cross over with other gaming verticals.

What markets is Kiron enjoying success in and where is it looking to expand?

We are working hard to continue to expand our global footprint. Rapidly advancing technology across all channels has allowed us to expand our operations further afield and much more cost effectively than as a few years ago. However, our range of product options also allows us to work in a number of markets where fast internet connections are not always necessarily widely available. Many emerging markets have embraced virtual sports as a mainstream offering due to their cost effectiveness, their simplicity to deploy and operate and their popularity with punters. With cutting real-to-life action, cutting edge graphics and extensive betting markets virtual sports work as an ideal crossover product to those who love the thrill of watching and betting on real sports.

What were the highlights of interacting with customers, players and other companies’ representatives at the biggest gaming event of the year?

Kiron arrived at ICE with several new products, but the ones we were most excited about were our winter-themed sports titles Hockey Shots and Speed Skating. In launching both titles we became the first specialist virtuals provider to add these sports to our portfolio and we couldn’t have been happier with the reaction they received over the course of the show. We are always looking to cater for players in a range of markets and we were inundated with requests from operators keen to offer a more varied portfolio. Winter sports weren’t the only titles from our 19-game portfolio to go down well with operators impressed with our large range of virtuals games, which currently include a variety of racing sports, team based sports, racquet sports, individual sports and number games.

Our Remote Game Server (RGS), Betman Online was as enthusiastically received as our diverse virtuals games portfolio. Our Betman Online managed service offering allows players to bet on a portfolio of 12 of our virtual games currently, on both desktop and mobile devices. The reception Kiron received in London really was exceptional, but it was an award win that highlighted the hard work the whole team has put in over the course of the year, as we were awarded the Best Online Content Provider award at The Casino Life & Business Magazine International Awards.

After experiencing an innovative show where the most relevant issues of the international industry were debated, how is Kiron Interactive assessing the 2017 legislation projects and industry’s development?

Kiron as a company is putting a lot of focus on ensuring it stays at the forefront of regulatory trends, and that’s documented with our recent partnership with Rombet, Romania’s gambling trade association. Rombet works directly with the government to help develop the latest regulatory legal framework for both land-based and online operators and providers, and underlines our commitment to the market. This jurisdiction is one of a number of newly regulated jurisdictions that Kiron is targeting in 2017. We also expect future market opportunities to become clearer during 2017 and we will be monitoring these closely.

What was the feedback for the new Kiron Interactive’s games?

We extended our comprehensive portfolio to 17 virtual sports games with the addition of winter sports, as well as launching our revamped RaceDay casino bonusing suite and a range of new numbers titles at ICE this year. We couldn’t have been happier with the response we received with particularly positive words coming from operators working in jurisdictions where our new products fit most seamlessly. Kiron is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, and ensuring operators and players can get their hands on the best range of premium content available in the market.