Kangwon Land opposes second South Korean casino open for residents

Kangwon Land opposes second South Korean casino open for residents

The company is not happy about news of a second casino being considered to allow South Korean nationals to gamble.

South Korea.- Kangwon Land Inc. is currently the only operator to offer a casino resort to South Korean nationals. Now the company is concerned as it has transpired that a second casino that would allow nationals of South Korea to gamble is under discussion.

The People’s Party has met with lawmakers seeking to create a revising bill that would allow a second casino to be able to offer nationals the opportunity to gamble. Legislators would be proposing the creation of a casino in the Saemangeum Development area. This area is one of the eight free economic zones of South Korea.

Kangwon Land Inc., issued a statement in response saying they are in opposition to the idea that a second casino should be opened in the country and allow locals to participate in gambling activity. So far, statement made by Kangwon Land is the first to be seen after the People’s Party representatives announced the new casino plan last week.

Although there are currently 17 casinos located in South Korea only Kangwon Land Casino allows nationals to gamble. Kangwon Land believes that allowing a second casino in South Korea to be open to locals will have a complete lack of national consensus.

“Policy demand and current attempts to build a casino in the region are not that different from those of some local governments and interest groups that tried in the past to do so in a populist way,” said the casino.