Japan casino legalisation is delayed again

The debate began on Monday, but the ruling party asked for one more day of deliberation.

Yesteday’s debate on the Senate has been delayed for Wednesday’s session.

Japan.- The Japanese Senate started yesterday the debate on casino legalisation for the upcoming years. However, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has apparently postponed the resolution for Wednesday’s session. Tomorrow afternoon, the official press will communicate the first results of the deliberation.

The constant delay of the bill may be a political tactic to end the Diet session without a definitive resolution. This would mean that the legalisation will be discussed next year and the license process would take another two to three years to finally start the construction of Japan’s first casino resorts.

“More likely is that a plenary session of the House of Councillors will simply circumvent committee approval and hold a vote on the Casino Bill as a so-called ‘Interim Report,” explained the expert journalist of Shingetsu News Agency, Michael Penn. The journalist believes that the opponents to the bill, the Democratic Party and the Communist Party, would delay the debate rather than pronouncing the veto.

Furthermore, Penn revealed that the opposition legislators would introduced a Censure motion in the House of Councillors if the bill is passed on Wednesday to the plenary session as well as a “No Confidence” motion for Wednesday’s debate in the House of Representatives.