“We are excited to be back in person at ICE London”

Sarah Robertson, SVP of sales at Kambi
Sarah Robertson, SVP of sales at Kambi

Focus Gaming News catches up with Sarah Robertson, SVP of Sales at Kambi, ahead of ICE London to talk about what it takes to make a successful sportsbook.

Exclusive interview.- Anyone attending ICE London next month will be able to drop in to meet Kambi, a sportsbook supplier that’s been in the space for almost 20 years and that “knows what it takes.” That’s the message they’re taking to this year’s event. Focus Gaming News caught up with SVP of sales Sarah Robertson to find out more.

History and experience

Ready to go live in Canada and other states in the US, as well as in LatAm and Europe, Kambi’s certainly at the vanguard of sportsbook suppliers. So just what does it take? History and experience for one thing. Kambi’s history has put it in a strong place with the knowledge and experience to swing into new regulated markets fast.

“We’ve been working in the sports betting space for almost 20 years, which means we have an incredible amount of industry knowledge around how the industry works, but also around product and within our organisation,” Robertson points out.

“We really understand how hard and how complex it can be to build a high performing sportsbook… We’ve spent years refining to come to the market with a really strong product.”

Sportsbook solutions built for scalability

Another part of Kambi’s strength is that from the very beginning it was built with scalability and flexibility in mind, something that has helped it quickly put its offering to work in new regulated markets like in the US, where the company’s been at the forefront of product development.

“The whole vision around Kambi was making sure we had a scalable sportsbook that could work in highly regulated and diverse markets and that’s been the core ethos of how we built the product,” Robertson says.

“That’s put us in a really strong position as we’ve seen a really heightened global initiative around regulation, and each regulation across different technologies looks very different, so you really do need a scalable solution to be able to launch with speed and efficiency as new markets regulate, and the way our technology’s built has really allowed us to help our partners to achieve that.”

A specialist in sportsbooks

Another factor that’s influenced Kambi’s success in developing sportsbook solutions is that it’s a specialist in its field. It doesn’t try to do a bit of everything, driving half of its efforts into casino, for example. Instead, it focuses on providing the best sportsbook solution possible.

“Everything we build has the end consumer in mind.”

Sarah Robertson, SVP of Sales at Kambi.

“We’re really specialists in what we do and we’ve done that by design, not muddying our view by trying to do lots of different things,” Robertson says.

Data to drive the business

Kambi’s scalable global approach is underpinned by a canny use of data to drive the business

“Because we’re a global supplier and supply so many different types of operators in very different regulated markets, that really allows us to build on everything we do,” Robertson says. “Everything we do is based on this network model, we hold all this data and use it to drive the business.”

Festival of sportsbook

Kambi will be at ICE London in April, and Robertson’s looking forward to being back in person at the event. Then later in the year, Kambi will be staging the second edition of its own Festival of Sportsbook, an initiative that began last year and which Robertson expects to generate a lot of talking points.

The event will feature bespoke content that will be of interest for a lot of operators – “It’s not just a sales pitch about why Kambi’s great, it’s about here are the things that we understand about the space that will help operators build up their strategy,” she says.

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