Italian shopkeepers against slot machine ban

They claim that the introduced controls are too restrictive.

Italy.- Italian shopkeepers reported anti-gambling mayors to Italy’s Court of Audit because they claim that the measurements are too restrictive and they’re costing them billions and loss of revenue.

According to the tobacconists union, the restriction of gambling machines will cost them more than US$2.6 billion in loss across the European country. Giorgio Gori, Bergamo mayor, was the first one who received a complaint. Gori passed a rule earlier this year that states that slot machines could not be locates within 500 meters of sensitive institutions such as hospitals and schools.

The Bergamo rule also applies to sporting events, and that’s why shopkeepers are experiencing big losses. According to the tobacconist union, the selling of scratchcards and games has dropped between 15 and 25 percent since the rule came into force.

Earlier this year, an amendment was introduced in order to limit slot machines in the country, which includes the removal from hotels, resorts and shops. These measurements are part of a big plan to stop illegal activity and gambling addiction.