IRs in Japan could tighten pachinko market

Japan’s gambling market could change in the upcoming years if integrated resorts start operations.

Japan.- International brokerage Union Gaming estimates that the pachinko market could tighten in the next few years once integrated resorts (IRs) start operating. It is believed that the government will insist on drawing a line between pachinko and the IR industry.

Analyst from Union Gaming Grant Govertsen said: “The fact that the regulatory body is tightening games again suggests there is an internal government view that the IR bill will become a reality – hence the widening gulf between pachinko and casino gambling regulations. Further, we would expect even greater pachinko tightening in the out years if IRs become a reality.”

The brokerage says that all new pachinko games, which are considered amusement and not gambling, will have less volatility, therefore it would be even more far away from the gambling classification.

Last week, it was revealed that the two ruling coalition parties in Japan decided to maintain their position to delay the consideration of a gambling addiction bill, called “Basic Bill on Gambling Addiction Countermeasures,” until Japan’s annual budget is passed next year. It is estimated that the gambling addiction bill will be reconsidered after the budget’s decision, which could be between May and June of 2018. The Japan Innovation Party, based in Osaka, had asked earlier this month that the ruling parties passed the gambling addiction legislation in order to enact it before the current Diet session ends on December 9. Nevertheless, the attempt was rejected by ruling coalition Komeito party.

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