Interview with Rakhi and Sam, sales managers at Uplatform – G2E Asia and Asian iGaming market

Interview with Rakhi and Sam, sales managers at Uplatform – G2E Asia and Asian iGaming market

Uplatform’s Rakhi Jaimini and Sam Lau spoke with Focus Gaming News about the future of the Asian iGaming market, the challenges faced by operators, and Uplatform’s innovative solutions.

Exclusive interview.- Uplatform‘s Rakhi Jaimini and Sam Lau discuss the evolution of the iGaming industry in Asia, addressing challenges faced by operators, cultural differences, and Uplatform‘s participation in G2E Asia 2023. They highlight Uplatform’s unique value proposition, localization focus, and commitment to responsible gaming.

How do you see the iGaming industry evolving in Asia in the next few years?

Rakhi: Since the pandemic outbreak first brought iGaming to the attention of locals, the Asian gaming sector has grown rapidly. Well, when we talk about the Asian market, this is a highly growing market in the iGaming industry. 

With more than half of the world’s population living in Asia, it should come as no surprise that the Asian iGaming business is extremely large, predicted to be worth $72.2bn in 2019 (revenue). 

In keeping with the initial premise that affluent nations with strong online access are expected to be important players in the iGaming sector, China, Japan, South Korea, and India will be among the most enthusiastic betting nations in the next few years.

What are the biggest challenges facing iGaming operators in Asia, and how can they be overcome?

Sam: I think the biggest challenge for operators is marketing. The Asian market is highly competitive, and more than general marketing skills may be needed. Operators need to employ targeted and localized marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage with the diverse Asian audience.

Rakhi: I believe iGaming operators in Asia face challenges related to the legality and marketing/promotion of their brands, as Sam mentioned. It’s important for operators to closely monitor and adapt to the evolving rules and regulations in the Asian market to operate successfully and stay compliant, and for regulators to see the demand from both businesses and players on creating transparent regulation.

In what ways do you anticipate the iGaming market in Asia to develop over the coming years?

Sam: Overall, the iGaming industry in Asia is expected to witness significant growth, innovation, and adaptation to the changing landscape. Now we see that things are changing pretty quickly in Asia. 

I personally expect that many operators would like to develop the Indian market, and more gaming products will be created subject to the need of the Indian market. The potential of the Indian market presents a significant opportunity for growth and innovation in the iGaming industry. 

With the increasing interest in the Indian market, operators are actively looking to develop new gaming products that cater to the unique needs of the Indian audience, so we can expect to see a surge in gaming products specifically tailored to the Indian market.

What cultural differences should online casino operators be aware of when operating in Asia, and how should these differences be navigated?

Rakhi: Ahh, nice question; in Asia, the casino operation experience is quite different than in other regions. Firstly, certain games like Ander Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy, and Poker are highly popular in Asia compared to other regions. 

Having them and, in general, understanding players’ preferences is essential for operators to attract and retain players in the Asian market. Secondly, live dealers are highly preferred over online casinos in Asia. 

Therefore, operators should focus on offering high-quality live dealer games with professional and engaging dealers to cater to the preferences of Asian players. Thirdly, affiliations play a significant role in casino operations in Asia.

“In Asia, the casino operation experience is quite different than in other regions.”

Rakhi Jaimini

All these factors should be considered for a successful operation in the region.

Sam: It is a good question because my graduation thesis is somehow related to these. We discovered that some non-Asian-based operators were unaware of the significance of rolling commissions and the impact of affiliation marketing in Asia. Therefore, operators must not use non-Asian related experience when developing the Asian market.

Can you tell us more about Uplatform’s participation in G2E Asia 2023 and what you hope to achieve?

Sam: Uplatform, as a pioneer in the industry, we are here to provide the most comprehensive solution to the market and I hope operators will understand that we are the best business partner for them.

Rakhi: Uplatform! As our slogan says, “Our Platform Your success.” We want to bring that to the Asian market – we are looking to expand our Asian Customer base and hoping to get a positive response for our products in G2E Asia.

What new products or services will Uplatform be showcasing at G2E Asia 2023, and how do they address the specific needs and challenges of the Asian market?

Sam: A new casino aggregator will be ready for the market. We have the privilege of combining Western and Eastern-specific needs into our backend system and bringing some customized features to Asian operators.

“Our casino aggregator is a result of extensive research and development, and we are excited to demonstrate how it can enhance the iGaming experience in Asia.”

Sam Lau

Rakhi: We will showcase our newly launched casino aggregator. Also, our Sportsbook iframe is compatible with almost every part of the world and offers one of the most comprehensive coverages of sports and betting markets. And our backend system which is also very strong & customizable based on a client-to-client basis.

How does Uplatform plan to leverage its participation in G2E Asia 2023 to build new partnerships and expand its reach in the Asian market?

Rakhi: As we always do, we provide entertainment to our visitors and provide exciting gifts to the winners with a tasty cup of bubble tea…… Jokes apart, we expect to meet with potential operators and startups who want to start their own businesses in this industry using our product with great success. Our team has almost every language speaker to make everyone feel at home.

Sam: As part of our culture, we are always here to provide the best bubble tea in the Exhibition (Joking) Generally, we expect to create a meaningful conversation with everyone and make a good impression. An in-depth understanding of our clients is needed and we are always open to talk with them.

How does Uplatform differentiate itself from other iGaming providers in the Asian market, and what unique value proposition do you offer to your clients?

Rakhi: Even if we are based in Europe, we, as a provider, fully understand the Asian market demand. We know the difference in players’ preferences in each country and even in the different regions of these countries. 

We support localization features like local payments, local language support, local league coverage, multi-device support, etc. Our unique value proposition is our focus on localization and customer-centric approach, allowing us to stand out among other iGaming providers in the Asian market.

Sam: We are one of the few iGaming providers in Europe who fully understand the Asian market.

Uplatform merged the operation experience from the globe and utilized our product to offer customized solutions that cater to the specific requirements and preferences of the local players and operators.

What trends do you see emerging in the Asian iGaming market, and how is Uplatform positioning itself to take advantage of these trends?

Rakhi: According to the experts’ reports, at present, the fastest-growing market in the world is the Asia-Pacific region. In general, the Asian-Pacific market has a tendency to increase gambling revenues, as well as the spread of legalization.

Uplatform recognizes the potential of this market and has positioned itself to capitalize on these trends. We are constantly monitoring the market dynamics and regulatory changes in the Asian iGaming market to ensure that our products and services align with the evolving landscape. 

And, of course, we are committed to providing top solutions that cater to the unique needs of the Asian market and help us to be ahead of the competition even in this tough market.

Sam: First, unlike in the past, now there are more operators focused on developing the Indian and SEA markets, I believe that in the near future, more Indian gaming products will be created. Uplatform understands this pretty well, and we are ready to cooperate with partners to create better products specifically tailored for the Asian market.

What are some of the key factors driving growth in the Asian iGaming market, and how is Uplatform responding to these factors?

Rakhi: As I belong to India, I would like to focus on it. In India, gambling and betting are gaining prominence, especially in cricket betting exchanges and skill-based games like Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, etc. 

IPL is taking its place not only in Asia but also worldwide as a most famous league. Now we are focusing on these trends to get the full advantage of it. Actually, Uplatform is aware of almost all the emerging trends in this area, and we are all set to get into it.

Sam: The key factors to growth are to provide the best product and understand the need of the market, and we have both. Additionally, we understand that language can be a barrier for some operators, which is why in our sales team we cover almost 10 major languages spoken in the world 😉

How is Uplatform addressing concerns around responsible gaming in the Asian market?

Rakhi: We at Uplatform understand the value of players and their safety and prioritize their well-being. We are providing KYC, as well as risk management, where our operators can set limits for the players. 

Also, we are taking care of protecting players and ensuring a secure gaming environment for them.

Sam: Responsible gaming is something that we keep in head all the time. Hence, we have our KYC system and risk management team to make the best practice of it. We are committed to promoting responsible gaming practices and providing a safe and secure environment for our client’s players.

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