“In 2022, Endorphina will focus on entering new markets again”

Kirill Miroshnichenko, sales director at Endorphina.
Kirill Miroshnichenko, sales director at Endorphina.

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, Kirill Miroshnichenko, sales director at Endorphina, gives us a taste of things to come in 2022.

Exclusive interview.- Endorphina‘s had an exciting year, consolidating its presence in its key markets, particularly in the Balkan giants of Croatia and Romania. Now as we approach 2022, the Prague-headquartered premium slot game provider is looking at switching up its strategy again and expanding into new markets.

In an interview with Focus Gaming News, Kirill Miroshnichenko, Endorphina’s sales director, said we can expect big news from the company early in the year – and something very special for ICE London when the event finally takes place.

Endorphina looks to new markets

Last year saw Endorphina make a significant geographic expansion, entering Belarus, Croatia and Romania. This year it’s been focusing on building its presence in those markets with new partnerships and distribution channels. It launched 700 casinos and 20 new slots, including the Water Tiger released just this week. It also set up partnerships with leading igaming companies and saw a huge growth in interest in its games. Now, it’s looking to break into new jurisdictions again.

“This year we achieved some numbers in existing markets so next year we already have the full pipeline for markets and it’s quite tight, so from the beginning of next year you’ll hear some news about new markets for Endorphina,” Miroshnichenko says.

As for Endorphina’s style, it sees the demand for classic traditional online slots for some time, especially in the Balkans where it’s strongest.

“Our games are more targeting the classic taste,” Miroshnichenko says, noting they appeal to people who like beautiful shiny gold and easy gameplay. 

“Classic games will be popular for several more years for sure,” he says. “The classic sevens and crowns. But because of course the generation of players is changing, and new players are coming and they prefer a different type of games. 

Just what does Endorphina have up its sleeve for ICE London?

Endorphina was present for the return of face-to-face events this year, including iGB Live! Amsterdam and SiGMA Malta, and it promises something particularly special for ICE London when the event gets its rescheduled dates.

“Face-to-face communication is crucial for us.”

Kirill Miroshnichenko, sales director at Endorphina.

“For us we have a little bit more time to prepare,” Miroshnichenko notes. “We’re quite famous for bringing unexpected things to ICE. As you know.”

We do know. Last year, Endorphina brought a real tank into the show to promote its Cash Tank slot. Miroshnichenko says that in 2022, we can expect “something even cooler.” “We’re going to transfer our stand to something more innovative and the visitors will see something unusual from us,” he says. Just what kind of unusual? “Unusual dancers with unusual things. This is what I can say right now.”

We’ll certainly look forward to seeing what that’s all about, and more about what Endorphina has in store for us in 2022.

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