How to Play Let It Ride: The Ultimate Guide

How to Play Let It Ride: The Ultimate Guide

There are many kinds of poker that you can play, and you may decide that you want to venture out and experiment with each of them. Even though many of them have a broad number of similarities, their subtle differences can make for an interesting experience when playing. And if you happen to find yourself in a place with lots of casinos, such as Las Vegas, you’ll be able to try all kinds of poker. 

One version that you might be interested in playing is Let It Ride, which isn’t as common as the likes of Texas Hold’em. But just because its popularity isn’t as big does not mean that you should completely overlook it. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy something that is quite niche, you will also benefit from the fact that the game might simply be well-fitted to your interests. 

Knowing how to play Let It Ride, and what it even is, can be quite difficult. But fear not, because we’ll give you all the necessary information that you need today. Keep reading to find out the most important Let It Ride rules, along with where you can play the game. We’ll also provide an insight on how to win. 

What Is Let It Ride? 

Before we start looking at the different winning combinations in Let It Ride, let’s begin by explaining what the game actually is in the first place. Let It Ride is a variation of poker that is often perceived as easier to learn and play than other kinds of poker. 

Many rules are similar to other variations of the game; for example, you will receive five cards in your hand. You receive three of these from the dealer, whereas the other two are community cards. As you might have guessed, the community cards are also used by the other players at the table.

What Is Let It Ride Poker? Is It the Same as Let It Ride? 

Yes! Let It Ride is also known as Let It Ride Poker, and the two terms can be used interchangeably. So, whenever you see one or the other, you can always implement the rules that we’ve discussed throughout this guide. 

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What Does Let It Ride Mean?

The term “Let It Ride” comes from something that features within the game itself. You will “let it ride” if you decide to stick with your original bet in the game, even after the dealing of community cards. In some situations, letting it ride could be a beneficial strategy to win – but it will largely depend on your hand. 

Generally speaking, you’re better off letting it ride if you’ve got a strong hand. What constitutes a “strong hand” is not too dissimilar from other forms of poker; for example, having Aces, Kings, and Queens can all work in your favor. We’ll discuss the best hands and whatnot in the “Let It Ride Rules” section, so don’t worry too much about that at the moment. 

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Let It Ride Rules: The Essentials That You Need to Know 

Now that you know the basics of Let It Ride, let’s go further into detail with the key rules that you need to follow when playing this game. First and foremost, let’s look at the hands. 

As mentioned earlier, you receive three cards and two community cards in your hand. The community cards are dealt face-down, and you will share these with all of the other players at the table. You will receive your cards from the dealer, and the goal is not – unlike in some other table games – to beat the dealer. Instead, your objective is to win against the pay tables that are specified. 

When playing Let It Ride, it’s also a good idea to consider the house edge. Unfortunately, this tends to be higher than in many other table games. Generally speaking, you’ll need to deal with a house edge of 3.51% – which can put you at a disadvantage when you’re trying to win. 

The amount that you win will depend on several factors, such as what you get with your cards. Although the higher end of the odds scale can be quite lucrative, it’s like that because wins of that kind are pretty uncommon. 

How to Play Let It Ride Poker

Now that you know more about the specific rules of Let It Ride, let’s look at how you can play the game. You typically play Let It Ride with other players, along with a dealer who’ll give you the cards. 

The game begins with you wagering however much you want to place. Some casinos will have minimum and maximum limits, so you will need to keep these in mind when you place your bets. You’ll get your hand first, and here, you’ll have the choice to reduce how much you’ve wagered by one-third if you feel like it’s necessary.

After the first opportunity to lower your bet amount, the dealer shall deal the first community card. Once that has occurred, you’ll get another chance to reduce your wager if you feel like doing so is necessary. If you decide not to do that, then you’re considered to be “letting it ride”. When you and the other players have chosen to either withdraw or let it ride, the second community card is dealt. 

When dealers give you cards, the players will receive these in anti-clockwise order. You should also keep in mind that the bets you place have to be divided in three, and all of these divided areas must have the same value. Then, if you choose to withdraw, you simply give those chips to the dealer. 

When Should You Let It Ride?

Despite its name, it’s actually quite rare for a player to let it ride when playing this game. The main reason for that is that you really need to have an exceptional hand. 

If you have two 10s, it’s a good idea to let it ride. In those situations, it’s very unlikely that someone else will beat your hand (although, of course, it isn’t impossible). Because letting it ride only works in limited situations, having the option to drop your wager is incredibly helpful.

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Where Is Let It Ride Poker Popular?

Let It Ride is a pretty new form of poker, having only been released to the world in 1993. The game is played by and large in the US, and you will find a broad range of casinos across the country that offer this game. You should have a good selection at your disposal if you wish to play in Vegas especially, but Let It Ride is not exclusively confined to Las Vegas. 

In addition to playing Let It Ride in person at an online casino, you can also play from the comfort of your own home. For example, you have the ability to enjoy the game in numerous places online. It’s very possible to play with a live dealer, which can give you the feeling of playing in real life. 

When you play online, you’ll normally need to sign up for an account and verify your identity. Once you’ve done those things, you can deposit money into your account and play whenever you want. 

Let It Ride: Winning Combinations

Before we move on and discuss other aspects of Let It Ride, it’s a good idea to think about the different winning combinations that you can try when you play this game. Many of the winning combinations are not hugely different from other forms of poker, with 10 being one of the highest-value cards. However, that’s not the only way you can win. 

Here’s a breakdown of the main winning combinations, along with the odds that each of them will pay out if you’re successful:

  • Royal Flush: The highest-paying odds in Let It Ride. You’ll have a Queen, Ace, Jack, and 10 in the same hand. This pays out 1,000-1. 
  • Straight Flush: This is when you have successive cards. The highest potential payout for this is 200-1. 
  • Four of a Kind: Quite simply, this means that you have four of the same card.

Below are the payouts for the other types of winning combinations in Let It Ride.

  • Full House: 11/1
  • Flush: 8/1
  • Straight: 5/1
  • Three of a Kind: 3/1
  • Two Pair: 2/1
  • Pairs (10 or higher): EVS (1/1)

How Many Players Can Play Let It Ride? 

When you play Let It Ride, it’s a good idea to know how many players are allowed to participate – even if you do not need to compete against them. Generally speaking, you can have as many as seven players in a single game of Let It Ride. 

This is slightly different from some other kinds of poker. For example, in other games, you can often have as many as 10 people around the same table. 

Why Should I Play Let It Ride?

Playing Let It Ride has several advantages. The first, and perhaps the biggest reason that you should play, is because it’s quite easy to understand. Whereas other kinds of pokers can take a long time to get to grips with, you shouldn’t have too many problems when it comes to figuring out how Let It Ride works. As a result, you can get involved much more easily. 

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Another benefit of playing Let It Ride is that there are fewer players at the table than some other forms of poker. Because of this, you can enjoy playing in more of an intimate environment. Furthermore, you should find it even easier to understand the rules of what you’re playing as a result. 

Tips for Winning at Let It Ride

Now that you know more about Let It Ride, let’s look at some tips for winning when you sit down to play. 

Know When to Let It Ride 

Perhaps the most essential rule of Let It Ride is knowing when to actually “let it ride”. And as we’ve mentioned already, the cases where you should do that are typically few and far between. 

If you have a strong hand, you can benefit significantly from not dropping your wager. But in many other instances, it’s a wise idea to withdraw some of your bet. Remember: You have two opportunities to do this!

Set Reasonable Bets

Because you also need to divide your bet into three, it’s a good idea to set reasonable wagers. Generally speaking, you should never wager more than you can afford. You should also think about how many games you would like to play, which will enable you to make better decisions when placing the money on your individual rounds.  

Look for Places With a Lower House Edge

As we’ve already mentioned, the house edge in Let It Ride is quite high compared to some other table games. For this reason, it’s a good idea to think about looking for casinos that offer a lower house edge. 

You may need to do a bit of digging and extra research before you find these casinos, but you may be able to enhance your chances of winning if you do. 

Age Limits for Let It Ride

When playing Let It Ride, it’s important to know what the different age limits are. In many US states, you must be at least 21 years old to play this game and other kinds of poker. Examples of where this is the case include Nevada and Pennsylvania. 

However, in a small number of states, you can play when you’re 18 years old instead. And if you visit Europe, you can similarly play Let It Ride at the age of 18 in many cases. You should still check the rules for each place that you visit, though, just to make sure. 

Note that in some US states, you won’t be able to play Let It Ride. The reason is that those states have made games of this kind illegal. Moreover, some states that permit offline wagering may not allow you to play online. 

Conclusion: Would You Let It Ride? 

Let It Ride is perhaps the best version of poker to try if you’re a complete beginner. You shouldn’t need to wait a huge amount of time before you understand the basics, and you also have more control over your wagers compared to other kinds of poker. Once you’ve played for a while, you can delve into different types of the game if you would prefer. 

Having read this guide, you should now have a better understanding of the practicalities surrounding Let It Ride. Now, all that’s left for you to do is put those things into practice.

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