How Popular is Blackjack Compared to Other Casino Games?

How Popular is Blackjack Compared to Other Casino Games?

It is one of those games that has spanned generations, and Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games out there. Played hundreds of years ago outside bars and restaurants in Italy, it is still played in Vegas and online in many casinos. The truth is that it has always been a mainstream interest ever since blackjack first took the US by storm.

Blackjack’s origins are debated by historians, but you may not have known that the name of the game comes from a promotion held in Las Vegas casinos where there were extra ways of winning (or more money) provided to players who matched a black “Jack” card as part of their winning hand. 

The world of blackjack has changed so much in recent years, with more players switching to online play. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are thought to have taken part in some form of blackjack using their devices. Playing online blackjack for real money is the main way that the game is now played, and this has helped its popularity grow. Of course, there are loads of other games though, and this means that blackjack has competition for people’s attention. So how popular is it by comparison?

Factors Impacting The Popularity of Blackjack

Blackjack is popular in several different countries. In the UK you will commonly hear the game called pontoon or 21 rather than blackjack but the game is exactly the same. 

One of the reasons the game is popular is the fact that it has spread geographically over the years. It started in Italy (according to most historians) and then spread around Europe before reaching the US and beyond. 

Simplicity is a big reason for blackjack growing and becoming a huge game. It doesn’t take long to learn the rules, which can make it popular for people to get started with and understand the gameplay. One thing that puts people off some other games is complexity. 

Compare blackjack to poker and you will see that there are some big differences, and a lot more to memorize if you’re going to try to play poker, not to mention the mental side of things. Blackjack’s simplicity means it is quicker to pick up and understand the strategy. 

Widespread availability online also helps to make the game more popular. In loads of locations, it is simple to sign up for an account and start playing. 

Variations of the game have also helped to push it to another level, as many more people are trying out some of these new varieties with different rules and slight tweaks, as well as minigames. There are thousands of game developers such as EGT who are making interesting new games and installing them in many locations. With technological growth, new forms of blackjack inevitably exist. 

Statistics About Blackjack

Numbers can really tell a story and there have been a lot of different studies in the industry that have shown how many different people are playing the game. Of course, anyone who spends time at in-person casinos or playing at online casinos will know that these games are really popular. There wouldn’t be so much focus on it otherwise.

One study explains that the game makes up about 31% of casino table gameplay, which shows that it is still super popular. New games are being played as well as additions of things like Pai Gow that are now being introduced to more casinos in America, but this age-old game is still standing the test of time and competition.

The same study shows that there are over 100 different variations of blackjack found across the world. These have different playing styles as well as different ways of winning, proving there is a big appetite for the game and that people like to keep things fresh and intriguing. 

Casinos are keen to keep a profit margin, so of course Blackjack has a house edge, and the amount does vary depending on the type of blackjack being played, whether it is a modern and fanciful variation of the game or the old classic. Players can, however, influence the outcome. Blackjack is a game of chance, mainly, but there is also some element of strategy that comes into play. Players can choose when to stick with their hand or whether they want the dealer to hit them with more cards to try and get close to 21. 


The Italian origins feel a long time ago now, and since the game’s first invention, most of the population of the world has probably heard of the game of blackjack. The Xbox and PlayStation Console era may be full of high-tech video games, but simple card games like this still have their place. Statistics show that almost 1 in 3 casino-goers dabble in a game of blackjack, and more players log in online. Safe to say this is one of the mainstays of the casino industry…