Hong Kong prefers floating casinos

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Hong Kong citizens prioritise gambling in local floating casinos.

A new survey revealed that Hong Kong residents prefer floating casinos instead of land-based in Macau.

Hong Kong.- A new survey commissioned by The Ping Wo Fund, an organisation funded by the government, and conducted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University revealed that Hong Kong citizens prioritise gambling in local floating casinos instead of travelling to Macau to enjoy land-based facilities.

The study that surveyed people between 15 and 64 years old was requested to gather information about the gambling habits of the citizens, and it touched subjects such as visiting foreign countries to enter casinos, sports betting, online gambling and horse racing. The information called the “Study on Hong Kong People’s Participation in Gambling Activities in 2016″ also revealed that gamblers spent an average of HKD45,259.6 on floating casinos and just HKD7,938.8 at Macau’s casinos.

Back in 2001 the university conducted the same study and reported that 77 percent that people who lived in Hong Kong participated in some type of gambling modality. Compared to 2012’s results, the number lowered 15 percent to 62 percent, and 61.5 in 2016. Moreover, among the people who topped the gambling charts, were unemployed people and women, who revealed that they prefer social gambling.