Outgoing Gov backs Hokkaido casino plan

Outgoing Gov backs Hokkaido casino plan
The incoming governor has not revealed his position on a potential IR bid.

The outgoing governor has supported a potential Hokkaido casino which Tomakomai city is pushing with its future IR licence bid.

Japan.- The gambling debate continues to be a hot topic in Japan as the industry is close to expanding. That’s why a Hokkaido casino in Tomakomai city received outgoing Governor Harumi Takahashi’s support in a recent statement.

The top government official in the region explained in a document she supports a Tomakomai city IR licence bid. The prefecture released a statement titled “Fundamental Thinking about an Integrated Resort” to back the project. In it, the authorities conclude that an IR bid is important for the future of the community.

“I would like the next governor to make a comprehensive decision based on this fundamental thinking,” Governor Takahashi told reporters. She was talking about incoming ruler Naomichi Suzuki, who will take office tomorrow.

Suzuki had voiced neither his support or opposition to the project. He had limited to say he would assess the proposal and would then make a “comprehensive decision.”

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