Goans to be banned from casinos

The Indian state’s Chief Minister said that citizens will not be able to enter casinos from 2019.

India.- Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar confirmed on Friday that starting from 2019, native Goans would be banned from entering casinos. This comes after the state government appointed a gaming commissioner to regulate the industry.

Parrikar revealed that new casino policies, including the provision that Goans will be banned from entering gambling facilities, are set to be unveiled this month: “As a policy, Goans will not be permitted to enter the casino playing areas. Only visiting tourists shall be allowed. A mechanism will be put in place once the gaming commissioner is appointed,” the Chief Minister told the Assembly.

The Chief Minister also talked about the offshore casinos operating in the Mandovi river, which are set to be relocated once they find a proper zone. “The Government shall identify notified designated zones where present offshore casinos can be shifted. That means the government will notify zones… Licences for offshore casinos will be issued provided they grant their willingness within a year`s time,” Parrikar said.

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