Goa operators demand new fee law

The increase of gaming taxes in Goa, India, has jeopardised casino operations.

India.- Goa State’s casino operators have this week submitted a petition to the local government expressing their concerns over a tax hike that has been damaging businesses in the only Indian state where casinos are legal. The government has previously set a major hike in fees ranging from 2.5 times to 4.5 times.

April 2018 began with a harsh kick for casino operators in Goa after an order from the finance department regarding a tax hike of up to 4.5 times the previous rate came into effect. However, the state’s government may be reconsidering the increase after operators from the area urged them to look further into the issue.

“Casino operators have said that the government must review the recent tariff rise pertaining to the industry and bring it back to a level which is close to the previous year’s levels after taking into account the rate of inflation,” informed the local press.

Under the increase, casinos with passenger capacities of over 400 will have to pay a fee of €4.99 million, up from the previous €1.49 million. Those with capacities between 200 and 400 will pay €3.74 million (instead of just €1.37) and vessels with less than 200 in passenger capacity will now pay €3.1 million, up from €1.34 million. Onshore casinos will have to pay €6.24 million, up from the previous €2.49 million.

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