Goa casinos accused during electoral process

The Indian State Goa will go through an Assembly election on February 4th.
The Indian State Goa will go through an Assembly election on February 4th.

Goa casinos would be investigated for politics’ agreements with Indian officials.

India.- Whilst the Goa Assembly elections will be held on next February 4, Indian politicians are concerned about the agreements between current officials and local casino operators. The State’s Chief Electoral Officer Shri Kunal has warned gaming companies against investments on political parties’ advertising campaigns and lobbying strategies.

According to Goa’s chief election officer alleged laundering money destined to political parties during the electoral process will be closely investigated by the electoral watchdog. Casino operators behind these investments would face strict penalties. “We have already advised casino operators that they can carry on with their legal business but should not allow themselves to be used to park or distribute money for any political party or candidate,” commented Shri Kunal.

Furthermore, Goa casinos have been accused of having illegal agreements with the Congress, BJP as well as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The Delhi official commented to the local press that casino operators are evading INR$4,000 (US$58.69) in tax revenues annually.

“The actual tax collection from the casino industry in Goa should be INR$4,000 crore. How much does the Goa government get in from the casinos? INR$200 crore. If government ministers and officers are cheating the government treasury of INR$4,000 crore, can you imagine how much money they are pocketing,” stated Arvind Kejriwal yesterday.