Gambling ads expenses rise in Australia

gambling advertising australia

TV restrictions didn't stop gambling companies from spending in advertising. (Credits:

The investment in advertising has grown by 26% to €86.1 million between January and July despite the more strict regulations.

Australia.- Gambling advertising continues to be one of the most controversial topics around the industry as tough regulations get implemented all across the world. Australia isn’t the exception and strict legislation was imposed on advertising, but the segment still managed to increase its investment in promoting itself.

According to Standard Media Index, the industry invested 26% more year-on-year between January and July 2018 and reached an expense of €86.1 million. Ad distribution across all the major channels had a major surge and grew by 121% in newspapers, 84% in cinema and 60% outdoor.

Recent regulations have limited when ads can be broadcasted as they can’t be shown during live sport between 5am and 8.30pm to protect children. Still, there was a 15% jump in what companies spent during said period in comparison to January-July 2017.

“Gambling ad spend has no doubt been buoyed by the number of major sporting events in the first half of the year, and also increased competition within the sector,” SMI ANZ managing director Jane Ratcliffe told local news outlet AdNews.

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