Florida Lottery contract controversy reaches court

Florida’s House of Representatives lawsuit against the state’s Lottery that has reached court was filed last February and it smears Governor Rick Scott.

US.- After the lawsuit filed by Florida’s House of Representatives, a judge must now decide wether or not Governor Rick Scott’s administration is guilty of breaking the law by illegally signing a long-term contract for ticket sales.

The lawsuit over the US$700 million contract approved by the state lottery triggered a dispute in court last monday between House Speaker Richard Corcoran and attorneys for the Florida Lottery that lasted for several hours. Despite the long square off, Judge Karen Gievers didn’t immediately rule.

The lawsuit Corcoran filed argues that the contract with IGT to run lottery games is illegal because it exceeds the Florida Lottery’s authorised budget. On the other side, lottery advocates declare that the agency acted according to the law since the contract stipulates that it is contingent on state funding.

Some say that Corcoran is actually engaging in politics and trying to taint the Scott administration. Said accusations are based in Corcoran multiple quarrells with Scott over diverse issues since he became speaker in November.