FDJ launches startup fund

The French gaming company Française des Jeux (FDJ) launched a fund that allows the acquisition of stakes in new startups.

France.- La Française des Jeux (FDJ) unveiled this week V13 Invest, a new fund designed to allow people to take stakes in new startups. The €30 million fund will enhance business processes, the gaming giant said.

FDJ revealed that Serena, a tech-focused investment fund, will manage the startup fund. It will target minority shareholders in European startups with the aim of developing and diversifying activities.

Chief Executive Stéphane Pallez initiated the V13 Invest fund, which launched as part of FDJ’s “open invitation” strategy. “The aim of this strategy is to accelerate the company’s in-depth transformation by infusing it with a digital culture and fostering a better anchoring in the innovation ecosystem,” said FDJ.

The creation of V13 Invest illustrates FDJ’s desire to continue to explore digital solutions related to customer insight. This improves the customer experience and developing financial services in its point-of-sale network. In addition, V13 Invest will focus on entertainment, in line with the launch of FDJ in the organisation of eSports competitions in 2017.

The FDJ 2020 strategic plan has earmarked €500 million for its digital transformation. FDJ Group has invested in various innovation funds since 2016 (Partech Partners, Raise Investment, Level Up, Trust-Esport). It also completes its system by entrusting OneRagtime with an envelope dedicated to its future issues. Thus, it becomes the first corporate partner of this new generation investment platform combining crowd-equity investment and funds.

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