Dollaro Poker still running

Near US$11 million dollars were impounded in January in a police operation that investigates the company for illegal gambling activities.

Italy.- After eleven arrests and a legal complaint for irregular operation of Dollaro Poker –website provider of Romanian online betting network- last month in Italy, the company keeps working as it never was aware of the situation. Its leaders, Luigi Tancredi and Nicola ‘Rocco’ Fernia have been locked by the Italian police.

“The illegal business leaders were captured, but the site is still functioning and accessible: I do not know why but it is a matter beyond our control, and that can be repeated,” denounced Francesco Rodano, a national regulator at AAMS, Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies).

Dollaro Poker –with servers in Florida- worked with 12,000 virtual gambling terminals, but its flow decline once the statement was made. Nevertheless, customers could still access to the site just by placing their previous password. Rumors affirm that the illegal casino operation left more money than drugs’ businesses for ‘Ndrangheta mafia Group.