Denmark’s regulator launches awareness campaign

The gambling regulator from Denmark has launched a new campaign that aims to bring awareness as part of its StopSpillet initiative.

Denmark.- Spillemyndigheden, the gambling regulator from Denmark, has announced the launch of a new campaign that intends to bring awareness. The new campaign is part of the StopSpillet initiative launched earlier this year.

The gambling regulator has released different films that will be featured on TV, social media and streaming services. The three films are part of the Pokerfjæs campaign and highlight the three different compulsive gamblers and their relatives.

“The films depict three persons (a family consisting of a father, a mother and a young football player) in everyday situations, which on the surface look quite ordinary. However, all three persons are hiding a secret. They are compulsive gamblers but keep it a secret for their family and friends,” said the regulator.

Birgitte Sand, director of Spillemyndigheden, said that the purpose of the nationwide campaign is to increase the local citizens’ awareness about StopSpillet. “We want to make the Danes aware that there is an impartial, confidential and free helpline for players, relatives and professionals. It is crucial that all Danes know that help is available if you – or someone you know – have ended up in an unfortunate situation due to gambling.”

Gambling revenue falls in Denmark

Gambling activity in Denmark during the third quarter of the year wasn’t as good as expected. The market posted an overall 1% decline in that three-month period, despite an increase in online casino revenue.

Gambling in the three-months to September 30 account for €215 million, which is approximately €3 million less when compared to the €218 million in 2018. Online casino experienced good results in the quarter, but they weren’t enough to offset sports betting and land-based casino’s performances.

Online casino registered a 4% increase in revenues to €75.8 million, but 10.6% less when compared to the previous quarter. Around 73% of that revenue comes from online slots, which generated €55.7 million.

Land-based casinos generated €10.9 million, which is virtually flat from 2018.

Sports betting was once again the top scorer in the market and accounted for 39% to €84 million. However, the figure represents a 3.8% year-on-year decline. Mobile was the most popular channel as it totalled 50.2% of all revenue during the quarter.

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