Goa: offshore casino to be moved

The offshore casino from Deltin Group will be moved from the Panaji side to the Verem side, the ports minister confirmed.

India.- Ports Minister Michael Lobo has confirmed that the state government passed an order last week to move one offshore casino from the Panaji side to the Verem side. The floating casino belongs to Deltin Group.

According to Times of India, Deltin Group asked the government the permission to move one of the three vessels that it operates in the state. “Based on the application, we have passed an order to shift Deltin Caravela towards Verem,” Lobo said. The minister added that the Caravela will be anchored behind Deltin Royale.

Lobo also confirmed that the Goa government decided to balance the number of offshore casinos in the Mandovi. “Of six offshore casinos operating in the Mandovi, three will be placed along the Panaji side and three on the Verem side.”

Six offshore casinos in Goa lose trade licences

The Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) recently revealed the decision to not renew trade licences of six offshore casinos in Goa. The facilities are operating in the Mandovi river, and the decision forces them to move out of the jurisdiction at the end of the current term.

Mayor Uday Madkaikar said that the decision helps move the casinos out of Mandovi river. The trade licenses of the offshore casinos have been renewed for the current financial year. However, once they expire, the CCP will not renew them. This decision applies to all casinos operating in the Mandovi.

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