Dallmeier and SAP expert T.CON present joint solutions

Dallmeier and SaP are unveiling their first two jointly developed logistics solutions.

Germany.- Digitalisation technologies hold the promise of immense improvements in a wide variety of processes within the logistics industry. Dallmeier electronic, the Regensburg-based manufacturer of video information technology, already has a long-standing cooperation relationship with T.CON, a consulting house and system integrator for SAP with headquarters in Plattling. 

Now, the Bavarian companies are unveiling their first two jointly developed logistics solutions, the “Digital Gate” and “Package Measurement”. These new solutions can be used by logistics businesses to effectively prevent backlogs and eliminate manual capture processes involved in the weighing and measuring of packaged items.

The solutions developed jointly by Dallmeier and T.CON enable the large volumes of data which have been captured by video systems to be transmitted directly to the ERP system. The partnership between the two companies has already resulted in two market-ready solutions for the Supply Chain, with which customers can optimise central processes and improve cycle times. Further solutions for Supply Chain, HR and Compliance are also on the cooperation agenda.

The “Digital Gate” solution reduces waiting times outside the plant premises

The “Digital Gate” solution automates manual vehicle registration and consignment note management processes with an innovative self-service portal based on SAP Fiori. The system recognises ASNs (advanced shipping notes) in advance and identifies vehicle classes, registration numbers, ID numbers and hazardous substances in accordance with compliance regulations, enabling automatic barrier and gate control. The freight data in SAP can be supplemented in SAP with the information collected optically using standard SAP objects. The data can then be integrated directly in SAP TM or LE-TRA (ECC 6.0). The main advantages of the “Digital Gate” are considerably shorter waiting times outside the company grounds and a reduction of backlogs. Depending on requirements, the system can be operated separately or integrated into an existing Yard Management solution.

The “Package Measurement” solution eliminates manual weighing and measuring

The “Package Measurement” solution enables fully automatic volume calculation and weighing of freight goods. For calculating volume, special 3D video systems are used to measure the goods instantaneously on an existing roadway. To determine weight, industrial trucks are fitted with wireless weighing forks and all order picking processes are documented automatically. This enables logistics businesses to eliminate all manual processes for capturing weight and volume and to detect incorrect or inaccurate inputs. This ensures that the data integrated subsequently in SAP WM or SAP EWM is correct. Further advantages range from the optimal use of load capacities to plausibility checks against reference data and up to coordinated warehousing strategies. The solutions for weighing and measuring can be implemented either jointly or separately.

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