Criminal online gambling network dismantled in Italy

The illegal ring was based in Salerno.
The illegal ring was based in Salerno.

The organisation allegedly ran illegal online gambling websites rigged against players.

Italy.- A police crackdown in Italy resulted in eight suspects being held in jail and 10 more under house arrest, accused of managing illegal online gambling websites that were rigged against players.

A total of 64 suspects are under investigation and they may face charges that include criminal conspiracy and illegal gambling. The authorities also seized 23 businesses during ‘Operation Jamm Jamm.’ In addition, 11 web sites have been blacked out with the help of police technological fraud experts.

Although the organisation was based in the southern region of Salerno, it operated across Italy focusing on the south, specifically in Basilicata, Calabria and Campania. The network used illegal platforms of foreign websites that were unofficially active in Italy.

The ring was traced back to the Contaldo di Pagani clan, connected to the Camorra, Naples’ mafia. Other clans in Italy helped with the expansion of the network in across the European country. The organisation was led by Antonio Contaldo, 50, who is accused of using several online platforms to collect funds from illegal online bets and poker.

The sites were altered making it impossible for players to win significant amounts. The probe also pointed to illegal investments in the Jamm Jamm disco in the town of San Valentino Torio, now seized by police forces.